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I was carrying excess weight after the birth of my second child, and had gestational diabetes during that pregnancy, I was keen to avoid developing diabetes and also get back into better meal preparation for the whole family. The IFast-12 program has been great for my health and that of my family, and helped me lose roughly 8kg, lower 2 dress sizes, increase my fitness and improve my blood pressure (which was starting to creep up). We are continuing to use and adapt the recipes.

Kate, 35*

The IFast 12 program was fantastic. The recipes were beautiful and varied, even my kids liked them. It was great also to have so much information re the exercises. Thanks so much for providing this course. I will use the information for life.

Sally, 48*

I am so pleased I started this program, having been unable to move the scales for quite some time I have dropped 9kgs in the 12 weeks and still going strong, my energy levels are so much better and I don’t feel as bloated. I really enjoy my fasting days. The HIT exercise program is quick and works well with my busy schedule, thanks so much for providing the great meal plans.

Louise, 45*

I would highly recommend the IFast-12 program. My target was to lose weight, reduce cholesterol and increase fitness levels. I achieved all three goals and feel great. The High Intensity Interval Training is really effective and I started to see results very quickly. My energy levels have increased and my attitude towards healthy eating and exercise has completely changed.

Tim, 55*

I am so glad that I decided to do the IFast-12 program. I have lost weight and I feel decidedly better in myself. I am definitely fitter after all the interval training. Crucially all my stats (including my cholesterol ratio and body mass reading) have significantly improved.

Patrick, 45*

A key reason I felt prompted to begin the program was a set of cardio blood test results.
On 23/01/17 they were chol 6.7, trigs 2.3 hdl 1.9. Coronary risk ratio 3.5, I’m a 189cm 54yo male. 4 months later
I’d lost 6kg, 3.5 inches off the waist, 90 down to 84kg and bloods were 5.8 chol, trigs 0.8 hdl 2.5
and risk ratio 2.3. I did not fast but I eliminated 90% of my bread, rice, pasta etc intake.
I still drank wine and ate full fats and protein.

David, 54*

*Results may vary from person to person.