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HealthLab Australia presents IFast-12

HealthLab Australia

Facilitated by a specialised team, HealthLab Australia is:


  • Dr. Michael Mosley (founder, pictured)
  • Dr. Clare Bailey (founder, pictured)
  • Dr. Tim Haggett (Chairman);
  • Dr. Patrick Garratt (Managing Director); and
  • Dr. Malindi Haggett (supporting doctor)

Sports Scientists:

  • Danielle Herrera
  • George Haggett
  • Richard MacLiver

Certified Holistic Food & Lifestyle Coach:

  • Anita Fredericks

How you can get involved

In developing the IFast-12 model, we are cognizant of the need to ensure that programs are easily accessible. It is our intention to inspire a network of doctors who are enabled to implement the IFast-12 program across a range of communities.
In terms of supporting patients on this program, we encourage all patients to discuss the program with their usual doctor. In no way do we intend to replace the patient’s usual doctor and aim to work with all health professionals involved in the patient’s care.

If you would like to keep in touch and find out more about how our programs could be integrated with your practice, please submit this form.  You may also considering connecting on our Facebook page.

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